One-Day Artist Residency
One Day
One Artist
April 19th, 2010
Chris Coy

Chris arrived.
We discussed Art. Making vs. NOT making, objects and NONobjects, Looking vs. Making
Recycling REcycling Baldessari, materials and BROWSERS, preTumblr, Tumblr, Teenage Girl Omnicapitalists,
Many IMAGES & the changing MEANING, our Relationship and Reaction to Images, the VIEW on the Street,
MANifestos, demands, surfing, time travel, Gidget, the Icon of GIDGET
& friends, friend, and blood brothers & MidWest kids hang loose.

Our conversation was a sum of THIS presentation by Chris Coy


After our disscussion we took a walk for PIZZA, returned to the studio and drew four drawings from memory
after staring at these images on the Internet. The results are shown here.