Part art-object, part functioning ice cream stand, The Portable Ice Cream Stand is a
nomadic food stand and social gathering assembled by visiting artists serving
sweet refreshments at local functions, playgrounds, campsites,
laundry mats, and book stores.

The Portable Ice Cream Stand's FINAL project took place while in residence at Southern Exposure in 2008.

Many Many Thanks to Mitchell's Ice Cream for their generous donation.

The Portable Ice Cream Stand T Shirts *Sold Out*
Printed by the Kind Folks at Ape Do Good Printing

The Portable Ice Cream Stand at Southern Exposure
serving Mitchell's Ice Cream Thursday to Saturday Noon to 6PM

Kyle, Nancy & Jessica (Happy Birthday Redhead!) enjoy
Mijoto and Buko Coconut Ice Cream Floats at the Opening Reception of LANDSCAPE PORTRAIT PATTERN

The Portable Ice Cream Stand at Queens Nails Annex
Flavor today is Chocolate Chip and Strawberry


The Portable Ice Cream Stand (Assemblage Study)
In the Living Room of Hallway Bathroom Gallery
Flavor today is Pumkin Butternut Squash


Found Book Page on Found Book Page by
Ifton Schlinger and Brion Nuda Rosch