Blank Art Objects: A collection of small artworks free of artist identity
Contributing artists included both ARTISTS & NON-ARTISTS
Participants forfeited their identity (while also forfeiting their known technique, process, & style)
The authors identity was only revealed when the object was purchased at a standard pre-determined price

Hallway Projects released Four ISSUES of Blank Art Objects during 2008
Work was either submitted to the gallery for consideration or made during public ART Workshops and Happenings

cut paper on paper 3inches x 3inches

pastel on paper 5inches x 4inches

cut paper 11inches x 8.5inches

gouache on paper 6inches x 4inches

hand cut collage on paper 7.25inches x 5.75inches

gouache on paper 5inches x 7inches

acrylic on paper 6.25inches x 4inches

watercolor on paper 7inches x 6inches

pencil on paper 6.5inches x 5.5inches

cut book page on paper 7.5inches x 6inches

pencil and marker on paper 11inches x 8.5inches

pencil on book page 8inches x 5inches